Back to the first Idea!

So when I started to focus I find out that any technical or web marketing issue is easy to get through in our market! We do have sufficient resources updated, all new trends are practiced here...

The investment is for standard and direct marketing, something that touches the potential buyers or clients in they regulars environment: it could be a flayer distributed at the super market, bus station, trade show, cinema, school, a magazine, news paper, TV spot, street operations...

And here you have to think ahead how to win they loyalty (or to develop the consumer loyalty): because you're going to create a new culture for that population, in other words you'll open the doors for others.

Your potential clients will be ready to go to any competitor if you don't set up a mechanism and ensure they loyalty: confirm ROI and the effort you're doing!

Here we are going to a macroeconomic scale! Is it possible to sensor web marketers and let them open the doors together to collect the fruits together later on and be the pioneers of the web marketing! Or does the government have to act and promote or support web marketers and build a new market well organized and controlled!

Well I think my first Idea is going to be longer if I don't go straight to bed now!!

To be continued...

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