My first idea

Now the issue is: Tunisia is a small country where access to Internet technology is not a common activity, Internet is not a trusted way of payment… The Tunisian culture is not “Interneted” yet.

For those reasons I couldn’t find a good starting point!

But, Internet is for sure coming to us, and we should get ready for it. My first idea or project is to open a virtual shop and focus on standard marketing methodology to promote it; select a homogeneous audience to ease marketing effort and cost; choose items or product that suits the targeted audience… And if we recognize or realize that an other group of audience dose need an other Marketing Mix we start thinking about an other web site that answers the second group needs and so on…

Since the market is progressing at a snail's pace (but it is progressing at least) the project will need an important cash flow that I’m not able to cover.


O. Messaoud said...

congrats on this new blog. I am happy to see that you are interested in online revenue.
About the Tunisian Market not being ready for big Internet ideas, just remember that Internet is global and allows you to sell everywhere in the world. Moreover, when Tunisia will be ready you will already be in place and have some time ahead of competitors.

Ahmed said...

Indeed the idea of settlement before the market to have a step ahead is good, but in the mean while I should have a sort of revenue to survive.

Thank you for stepping by Oussema