Good News!

Today I received an email promoting a Tunisian e-shop for electronic stuff, I'm really glad to see some companies thinking about Internet sales here in Tunisia.

Although the design of the web site reminds me a bit of eBay (or just the blue/red/yellow/green line) but this web site is new for the Tunisian market. The company is a worldwide electronics distributor so they are familiar with web marketing.

I’ve made a small research (5min) and find some others but I’m sure there are more hidden somewhere and I’ll try to dig them up and make a king of benchmarking in this blog.


dreams said...

Thank you Ahmed for visiting my blog.

I think that links that you submitted can be useful for Tunisians living abroad! Let me explain why, I sometimes asks my family and friends to send me Tunisian goods. However, they are so kind to refuse my payments. Thus, I hesitate to ask them again. :). I had better to do online shopping!

Ahmed said...

Welcome Dreams!
I would do the same us your family and friends but if you insist I can give you my paypal ID and send you what ever you would like to get ;-)