Email Marketing or Opt-in Email Advertising??

While preparing our marketing plan at DaleelTeq we were asking ether choosing: Email Marketing or Opt-in Email Advertising in order to acquire new customers??

Email Marketing : Here in Tunisia the email does not have its real value yet, it's considered as a secondary mean of communication mostly related to personal and distraction use. Internet Service Providers and Web Marketing companies does not have constructive databases yet; most of them are talking about 20 000 contacts but not classified or detailed (I mean just email address no contact name, nor company detail...) and that's for B to B purposes. In this case we 'll not be able to make follow up and generate a potential clients list. Eventually those companies does not provide the mailing list they just do send emails for you!

Opt-in Email Advertising : This is more interesting to my mind, since the contact that you're sending to is already registered to the list and willing to receive and read content from it. Even though we do not have a list we assume it's the best way for web advertising today in Tunisia; so we can place an advertising banner in one of the most important web news letters and benefit from they affiliated readers. What's more, those readers are familiar with the web in general and can trust the content.

Now what I'm considering here is that Email marketing for B to B is not yet ready for use in Tunisia because the databases are not set to be used for customer search.
Opt-in Email Advertising can be the temporary solution to gain time and go straight to the potential customers through the Internet.

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