Beginners it's your chance to shift now!!!

Every "marketer" is supposed to calculate and present figures.
Write reports and feed back.
Write web content and maybe edit web pages.
Manage and implement database...

Anyone how works in a marketing department went through some of this tasks if not all of them.

If you are a beginner or even an experienced "marketer" you need to know at least how to handle the tools that help you in your permanent tasks...
Writing, editing, calculate, presentations, web pages, sheets, database... and so on.

Last night I was stumbling the web until I found a very magnificent web site http://inpics.net

Free and very easy picture tutorials for editing programs :
Microsoft Office Access 2003 Access 2007 Excel 2003 Excel 2007 PowerPoint 2003 PowerPoint 2007 Publisher 2003 Publisher 2007 Word 2003 Word 2007,
OpenOffice Base 2.x Calc 2.x Impress 2.x Writer 2.x,
Web Layout HTML & CSS,
Web programming MySQL Basics PHP Basics Perl Basics.

It takes easily 20 hours to go through all this simple and well organized tutorials that you can program a 2 hours per day program to practice all this basic tools.

I'm already done with some of them, and encourage you to try them even if you know the program and handle it.

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