Point of sale advertising & Web Marketing!

It's been a while with no blogs... Just busy at work!

Today I have an old idea popping up in my mind; I always wanted to link Point of sale advertising to web marketing!

The product promoted in a supermarket for example could be promoted in the Internet in the same time; it costs cheaper then just a web campaign since we are just optimizing the PSA and not relying just on the web audience...

This way we can make a real synergy out of it:
the advertiser gains larger population (audience)
the advertising company can emphasize the impact of the operation
the supermarket will make extra sales anyway
the customer will choose the good moment to go to the supermarket and get the promotion...
Actually I'm in contact with an advertising company and a web marketing company. I hope I can find a way to convince them about my idea because I didn't see any one doing it.


Linkvillage said...

Hello Ahmed,
I liked your ideas that you write about on your blog, but I am not a businesman to offer you a better project than your current job:)

I want to ask you something via your email address?

This is my email address: emirhan@motorparasi.com .

Please contact me if you have time.

Ahmed said...

Hi I wish you become a good businessman and you offer good projects