Postal cards

Nowadays people forgot totally the postal cards, even though it's very nice to receive one we still very lazy to send one back at least!

Especially in Tunisia we are very lazy this way :)

The other thing is that people are not keen on Internet payment, it does exist but almost none use it!

My idea is to create a website where people can just fill in a form, chose a postal card and pay a very little something for the sending of the card.
It does need a very important investment and the income is not guaranty unless a very strong marketing and communication is set to encourage and win the trust of people.

You know what I think it works even if it is free :) it will generate a real traffic in this case since Tunisian love free stuff ;)

I hope I had enough time to set this web site and start a small web business for real!!!

If someone of the readers of this blog try this idea please refer people to this blog once you are rich :) at least I got some adsence revenue from it :p

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