Todays thoughts!!!

These last few days I was going through blogs and websites about web marketing, self marketing affiliation, blogrolls, EnterCard... And of course traffic and ranking tips.
Most (all) of them are written in English and located either in America or Asia.

Here in Tunisia, we do have some websites about blogroll especially or just general living portals like for example:
http://tn-blogs.com/ Blogroll portal
http://tuniblogs.com/ Blogroll portal
http://www.tunisphere.com/ Tunisian blogs search engine
http://asslema.net/ Blogging platform
http://www.webtunisien.com/blog.php Blogging portal
http://www.asslema.com/ I just discovered this one but it doesn't seam to be working
http://www.tunisia-today.com/ News and blogs
http://espacetunisien.com/ Entertainment web portal
http://www.mac125.com/ Tunisan forum and entertainment portal
http://www.marhba.com/ Tunisian Internet users’ portal

From site to site I didn't find any web marketing process other then inserting a logo or a link between users. Nothing like monetizing, advertising, traffic or ranking...

So, for the ones who are looking for new ideas: just go ahead and start playing with the web 2.0 to generate some money from this small audience :)

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