Facebook ads in Tunisia

Web marketing and communication in Tunisia is progressing smoothly.
Facebook ads is now a trend that many companies from different activities are using to promote their activity or product.
I've noticed travel agencies (travel to do, bon voyage), software (Telos)...
Actually it's worth a try, since there are 1,439,320 people connected to facebook in Tunisia that connect at least twice a day.
One week ad on facebook generates at least 5,000,000 page impression and 1,000 clicks that costs 1,200 TND compared to one week ad on lapress (the most common news paper) that generates maximum 500,000 impression and costs about 1,500 TND.
Facebook is just part of the game, ads on google and yahoo are rising in term of quantity and cost too. It's very interesting to see Tunisian companies in such international medium specially at the beginning of this phenomena.
Please let your Tunisian marketing and communication department this about it! It's time to go Internet in this country ;)

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