Financial crises and Bloggers

All the media around the world is talking about the financial crisis!
How bloggers are doing with this crisis?
Are they getting profit from it?
Will it sweep the money from the Internet?
Are we going to have the same problem like real state, so domain names prices will get higher?


Blog Tactic said...

True, revenue from online advertising has declined.

Trikkk said...

hmmmmm i think the only effect of this finicial crisis will be less advertising compagians now on ...the dont have money to permote thats it ...but not to worry ...there are many people who can still pay for advertise ...so overall no effect and there wont be any effect on domain names .....
ur trikkk

Apollo said...

The crisis is what you make out of it...to some people this 'crisis' was not really a crisis. As far as blogging is concerned you should not really see any significant impact at all. It is like comparing a little stone to the moon.

khalifiani said...

I actually do not really know about the world economic crisis at this time. but its impact on the blogger does not seem to be necessary because dirisaukan blog where the world's information easily obtained