Second Entrecard Contest

I think 15ec for a blog review is not an attractive offer, Let's make it 40ec

Yes, I'm offering 40ec for the first how submit a blog review as a comment for this entry.

It's simple:

  1. You should have done blog reviews previously and they should be published.
  2. Provide the url of your previous blog reviews
  3. Give at least two serious recommendations
An additional 20ec for a response within 24h.

Waiting for your comments :)


Detector said...

If you like quality blog review with backlinks of your blog, you must consider about increasing the price.

Best regards,

PS, I would like to advertise on your site. How much is advertising on your site in EC credits? (I am thinking about 125x125 button under your subscribe section in the right sidebar)

Ahmed said...

Ukion, thanks for this comment! I appreciate your interest in this blog!
Today advertising in my blog through Entrecard costs 30ec I propose 60ec for one week for you. Let me know :)