How is the online marketing in Tunisia Doing?

Today the online marketing in Tunisia is moving faster and faster. We are observing all sizes of companies focusing on web. Most of them today have websites or intending to get one.
Some of them have now experiences in web advertising such mass emailing teasing and other simple tools.
Here some of the latest campaigns led by the national telephone provider:
There is also some B to B business support websites that are accumulating an important audience, I would point the latest one created:
And one of the best website for services I really appreciate is the bill payment portal created by the national postal office:

The question is:
- Where is the Tunisian online marketing ranked today?
- Is there a chance that it becomes an industry?
- Can we predict its future from older markets? (can we make a benchmark for it?)

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Shelia said...

Prior to reading your post I was not familiar with the online marketing in Tunisia, so I took the opportunity to read the information at the links you provided.

It appears that this is becoming a strong and vibrant online market. The services currently available improve daily life by offering the option for citizens to pay for government services online. The people also have the ability to purchase goods online that they otherwise might not have access to.

And most significantly, this online market now offers the opportunity for those who offer a good or service to create an online business and expand their customer reach.

Availing this technology to the people of Tunisia can only improve and expand the country's enterprise.